How to get your passport book stamped on a cruise

Passport stamps help travelers remember their trips. It’s a rite of passage to possess a passport book full of international stamps. It proves that you visited exotic and foreign places. On a cruise, you may not get a single passport stamp. Most ports do not require cruises visitors to pass through immigration. If

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How to hook up on a cruise

Who doesn't have a secret dream about meeting their soulmate on vacation? Let's face it, lots of people go on vacation hoping for a little romantic action. Some even believe the Las Vegas motto: what happens on the ship, stays on the ship. Unless you’re on a cruise specifically themed for singles, making

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Is it safe to visit Haiti?

If you cruise with Royal Caribbean, Celebrity or Azamara Journeys, your ship might include a stop in Labadee, Haiti. But is it safe? Safety Cruises depend on guests having a great time for repeat business. No one has a good time if they feel unsafe. On

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