Hotels and airlines often have status-matching partnerships, but you may not know that Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises have a status-match with MGM Resorts.

When you status match your cruise loyalty program with casino resorts like MGM and Caesar’s, it can open a new world of travel perks for you.

Here’s how to get the Royal Caribbean/Celebrity Cruises MGM status match.

What is status matching?

Status matching is when your existing loyalty status in one program is recognized and matched by another program. Then, you have immediate access to the other company’s benefits and privileges without starting over from scratch

Typically, hotel chains offer status matches with other hotel companies, but airlines may also do this.

In this case, Royal Caribbean Group has a relationship with MGM Resorts that extends perks from the cruise lines to the hotels and casinos.

For me, status matching with MGM allowed me to subsequently gain an elevated status with World of Hyatt, one of my favorite hotel chains. Often, I stay with them when traveling to a cruise port the day before or if I’m traveling with my dog since they are dog-friendly.

Step 1: Check MGM to see which status you can match to

First, check your cruise line loyalty status to know what you can match with MGM.

In my case, I’m a Diamond Crown and Anchor member on Royal Caribbean, so I am eligible for MGM Gold, the highest status you can achieve through cruise line status matching.

Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club MGM Rewards Status
Gold Preview Sapphire
Platinum Classic Pearl
Pinnacle Club
Elite Plus

If you aren’t sure what your Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor or Celebrity Captain’s Club numbers are, just log on to their respective website. You’ll find your member number and loyalty status.

Screenshot of Royal Caribbean website account

Log on to, navigate to the top right corner, click your name, then click “My Tier and Points.”

Screenshot of Celebrity Cruises member website

Now you’re ready for step two.

Step 2: Make an account with MGM

Sign up for the MGM Rewards program if you aren’t already a member.

Sign up screen for MGM Rewards

Now you are ready to status match!

Step 3: Call or email MGM and request status match

Now, MGM can link your Royal Caribbean or Celebrity Cruises status to their rewards program.

Have your Royal Caribbean or Celebrity Cruises and new MGM loyalty numbers ready. They will verify your status, then match it with an MGM Rewards status.

Call or email MGM with both numbers and request they match your cruise line status to their rewards program.

Once they have the information they need to proceed, they will contact Royal Caribbean to confirm your status and link you to the appropriate tier with MGM rewards.

When I called in the morning, it only took a few minutes. As a Diamond member of Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society, I was granted Gold status with MGM Rewards.

MGM will provide you with a date that your status ends and must re-match to continue your benefits. Mine was in February.

Step 4: Celebrate

Congratulations! You’re an MGM Rewards member!


Log on to your new MGM account to see your digital membership card.

Screenshot of MGM Rewards Gold membership card

Now you are ready to start using your MGM status for additional rewards.


What are the benefits of MGM Rewards?

Your benefits depends on the tier you matched to with MGM.

But here’s a short list:

  • Receive offers from RCCL and Celebrity
  • Hotel discounts
  • Waived resort fee (MGM Gold and higher)
  • Pre-sale access to entertainment and sporting events
  • Entertainment discounts
  • Avis car rental discounts
  • Complementary parking (MGM Pearl and higher)
  • Invitations to members only events and tournaments

Find the complete list of MGM Resorts member benefits here.

What else can I do with MGM Reward status?

You may be able to status match with other programs like Hyatt.

I did this with my new MGM Gold status and Hyatt rewarded me with Explorist level (instantly moved up from Member level).

Can I get a free cruise from my MGM Rewards status?

MGM Platinum and NOIR members may be eligible for a free cruise.

As an MGM member, you can call the RCCL/Celebrity casino booking line and ask if there are any offers available to you.

How long does my MGM status last?

Typically, status matching lasts about a year. You’ll need to call or email each year to renew your status.

Fortunately, your Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises loyalty levels are permanent.

Can I get RCCL or Celebrity Cruises status if I’m already an MGM Rewards member?

Yes. MGM Rewards members would call the cruise line’s casino booking numbers. Make sure to contact them to make your initial booking and 10 days or more before the cruise’s departure date.

MGM Reward Status Royal Caribbean Celebrity Cruises
Sapphire, Pearl, & Gold 800-762-0702 855-227-2537
Platinum & NOIR 800-762-0702 888-858-4478

How much does it cost to status match to MGM?

There is no fee to request a status match.

Does MGM offer a status match with cruise lines other than Royal Caribbean and Celebrity?

Not with MGM.

Where can I get more information about the relationship between Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and MGM Resorts ?

Reach out to the MGM Rewards desk at a property or call 866-761-7111.

You can find the terms and conditions for MGM’s program here.

Final Thoughts

Even if you don’t think you’ll use the the MGM Rewards program, there’s no downside to claiming your status match.

Who knows? You might take a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas or a casino near you, and it turns out to be an MGM property. Then you can take advantage of the status.

In addition, hotel properties are always evolving their relationships with other companies, so something new might come up that interests you.

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